Brother Powernote PN-8500MDS

Brother Powernote PN-8500MDS Specifications

Brother Super PowerNote model PN-8500MDS has the following hardware specifications:

Memory: 64KB (32KB usable)

CPU: 8bit, unknown brand, Z80 compatible

External Storage: 3.5" 1.44MB Floppy drive only, no harddisk

Internal Storage: 32KB of RAMdisk

Screen: 80 Rows x 22 Columns (640x176 pixels) black & amber color LCD

User Interface: Decent keyboard with international variations

Interfaces: One RS-232C Serial and one Parallel Printer Port.

Battery: BA-4000 ( 6V 1400mAh, 5cm x 9cm x 1.8cm ) (up to 8 hours)

Built-in Applications: Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Addressbook, Calendar, To Do List, World Clock, Typewriter Emulator, Communication Terminal, Calculator

Disk Games: Tetris, Turnabout

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