Brother Powernote PN-8500MDS

Brother PN-8500MDS Super PowerNote, Personal Electronic Notebook

The Perfect Partner

No matter who you are, the ability to access important information is the key to success. That's what makes the PN-8500MDS the perfect partner for anyone who wants versatile, affordable power to get organized, get ahead or just get the job done. If you can type, you can use PN-8500MDS.

It's a Word Processor

With the PN-8500MDS even a novice can create and edit documents quickly and easily. The easy-to-read LCD display lets you catch mistakes before you print. Its ICON main menu puts on-screen options at your fingertips. A 1.44MB disk drive provides unlimited file storage. The PN-8500MDS attaches to virtually any printer.

It's a Spreadsheet Organizer

The PN-8500MDS has everything you'd ever want to help you crunch numbers and get organized at home or in the office. It includes templates already on disk for monthly budgeting, checkbook balancing, sales analysis, loan payments and much more. Plus, it's compatible. You can convert your files to Lotus(R) 1-2-3(R) files.

It's a Personal Scheduler

The PN-8500MDS offers a clock, monthly calendar, daily scheduler with an alarm and a built-in calculator. There is a "Things-to-do" list included, so you won't forget a thing.

It's PC Compatible

With the Brother PC/WP conversion software, you can convert your Brother word processing files to most of the major PC word processing software packages and vice versa. Install the PC/WP Conversion software onto your PC and convert to the following formats: WordPerfect(R), WordStar(R), pfs:Write(TM), DisplayWrite(R) and Microsoft Word(R)


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